Want to be featured in our 15 yr. Anniversary                             coffee table book?

To celebrate 15 years of making hand-crafted goods in the USA, we are putting together a coffee table photo book featuring well-worn Billykirk items. 

It’s easy! Simply email a photo of your item(s) to             info@billykirk.com as well as a history of the item(s) for a chance to be featured.

Belts, Wallets, Card Cases, Satchels, Bags…nothing will be excluded! Each item will fill an entire 12”x12” page and your name and story will be mentioned below the photo.

If your item(s) is chosen, our friend and professional photographer, Tatsuro Nishimura, will photograph your item(s) in his studio in New Jersey and once photographed will be promptly returned to you. 

For your participation, you will receive a personalized and signed copy of the book from founders and owners Chris and Kirk Bray. 

Looking forward to seeing everyones well-used and well-loved Billykirk goods! See below for some good examples!


Worn in No. 34

Dennis recently emailed a snap of his nicely aging No. 108-134 Double Wrap with Scar.  We have been making this one since 2004.

Worn in No. 33

Waldemir’s old No. 256 Tote which he carries around Brazil 

Worn in No. 32

Back in July of 2013 Chris F. sent us some photos of his No. 67 card case that he inherited from his father. Narrower and shorter than our current No. 92, we made these around 2003 and it is still one of our favorites. Notice the original Billykirk logo and eyelet design. 

Obviously the card case above is quite special to Chris and when he emailed us to explain it we were taken back.  It immediately made us think of our original mission of making something with our hands that would eventually be passed down. Reading Chris’s email illustrated how our vision back in 1999 had now gone full circle.  It was a meaningful moment for us.

Worn in No. 31

Photo of Brooklyn photographer, Josh Wool’s nicely aging No. 154 Tri-Fold Wallet.

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet Selection

Worn in No. 30

Christopher from Charlotte, NC sent us a photo of his No. 155 Tan after six months of hard wear. Beautiful contrast between the closing strap and front of the wallet. 

Worn in No. 29

Tad sent in his No. 117 mechanics belt to be resized and repaired. He has been wearing it almost daily for years, and at one point, lost so much weight that he resized the belt himself. This is one of the most well-loved and well-worn items we have had the pleasure of seeing. 

Worn in No. 28

Bert has been using his No. 155 for about four months now and it has been wearing in beautifully. We particularly like how he uses the back pocket to clip his money clip. 

Worn in No. 27

Jake has been working on his No. 117 Mechanics Belt in Tan for over a year now. He was kind enough to send over some nice photos to show the patina. 

Worn in No. 26

Portugal. The Manan American rock band based in Portland, Oregon, but originally from Wasilla, Alaska, stopped by the studio last week to pick up some new merchandise and play some songs off their new album produced by Danger Mouse. They showed us two of their well loved Billykirk items and picked up some pieces from our current collection. 

See them on tour this summer at Coachella, Bonaroo, and Governor’s Ball. 

Worn in No. 25

Richard has been a faithful Billykirk advocate for quite some time. Below are a few pieces from his collection including a No. 95 satchel, card case, and waxed carryall. 

Check out Richard’s company www.laughingbuddhauk.com if you need Artist Management or Social Media Consulting @richardlecocq

Worn in No. 24 

Steve the drummer and band leader for Hunter Hayes stopped by the Pop Up Flea to show off his nicely worn in custom 92-135. This leather collar button attachment we made for Steve will go into production in 2013. Makes it easy to convert it from chain to plain.

Worn in No. 23

No. 240 Tan Trucker Key Fob

Worn in No. 22

Spotted in Jersey City, NJ

No. 211 Tan Bike Pouch

Worn in No. 21

"My trusty three. These Billykirk classics have been with me as I established my new life in Africa. The boots carried me up a mountain in Machakos, Kenya. The watch reminded me how much longer until we reached the top. The card case (stamped with my nickname "Swanny") was pick pocketed from me in the town I now live in, Otjiwarongo, Namibia. Days later it would be miraculously returned! The watch band and card case came along for the ride as I zip-lined across the Zambezi River from Zambia to Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls. The most remarkable part of their story is that each are unique creations imagined and crafted by my child hood friend of 35 years! Go BK! (said in my best imitation of your dad’s thick southern accent)" - Geoff

Worn in No. 20

Our Production Manager Adam’s No. 154 Tan after 2 1/2 years.

Keep It In The Family

At the 5th Pop-Up Flea in NYC this year, we had a gentleman approach us with a belt that was so worn-in it was literally falling apart. The belt was given to him by his father who acquired the belt while in Africa. Having such a sentimental value, we wanted to do something that would repurpose the leather so that he could continue to enjoy it. We made these two keychains, one for himself and one for his father. Hopefully this can now be passed down to another generation to enjoy. 

Pop-Up Flea 5 NYC

We had a great time this past weekend at the 5th Pop-Up Flea in NYC hosted by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean and Randy Goldberg of UrbanDaddy. Throughout the weekend we had past customers and friends vist to show off their beautifully worn-in Billykirk goods. Take a look! 

Tan No. 211 Bike Pouch

Tan No. 155 Card Case

Tan No. 155 Card Case

Brown No. 155 Card Case

Brown No. 92 Card Case

Natural No. 134 Sketchbook Holder

Tan No. 154 Tri-Fold Wallet

Old style Tan No. 177 Wide Double-Collar Belt

Brown No. 210 Cuff

Black No. 92-135 Card Case

Worn in No. 19

"Two years ago I purchased this Billykirk bag that I had been lusting over the course a year. It has everything going for it: practicality, expert craftsmanship (most of the leather goods and canvas bags are made by in-house artisans or by Amish folk in Pennsylvania), and timeless value. Created on the basis of offering quality leather, Billy Kirk leather products truly get better with age”. 

View the the article in its entirety at geremycampos.com. 


Worn in No. 18

You wouldn’t believe these are the from the same Natural Vegetable Tanned leather! On the left is Spenser’s 2-year old No. 155 in Natural beautifully worn and aged to perfection. The “Natural” leather is one of our favorites to work with here at Billykirk. You will see a difference in the color within only a few short weeks. Getting darker with age, the oils in your skin and the constant daily use gives it this rich patina.


Worn In No. 17

A few years back we produced a run of 92-155 Card Cases with brass hardware. Adam from Rhode Island sent us his worn-in version for the archives. What do you think? Should we bring the brass back into the line?